Open Table 2024 Diners Choice Awards

The reviews are in and our Open Table diners voted Blandford Comptoir as one of the best restaurants around!
We immensely grateful to all our guests and we extend a heartfelt thank you to our Head Chef, Josh Thong and the entire team.
We look forward to welcoming you to our restaurant in Marylebone!

Exceptional Taittinger Offer at Blandford Comptoir

Step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary at Blandford Comptoir, where we’re serving up more than just impeccable cuisine – we’re offering an experience. Our restaurant and wine bar, near Marylebone, is excited to announce an exciting daily offer that’s sure to sparkle and delight: Taittinger champagne at only £12 a glass, from 12PM to 6PM.

Whether it’s a business lunch, a gathering with friends, or a moment of relaxation just for you, there’s never been a better reason to take a detour to our welcoming door. Our venue is not just another restaurant and bar near Marylebone – it’s a space where ambiance and excellent food and wine blend seamlessly.

Join us for your next Champagne rendezvous and make Blandford Comptoir your new favourite spot for luxury, taste, and unmatched ambiance.

Winter Menu at Blandford Comptoir: the Premier Wine Bar and Restaurant near Marylebone

Nested in the bustling streets off Marylebone High Street, Blandford Comptoir stands as the quintessence of a distinguished wine bar and restaurant, inviting connoisseurs of fine cuisine to indulge in an extraordinary gastronomic experience. Our commitment to excellence is epitomised by an array of exceptional dishes, including the sumptuous venison loin, the exquisite duo of partridge, and the delectable handmade truffle gnocchi, each meticulously crafted to captivate the senses and elevate your dining journey.

As a wine bar and restaurant near Marylebone, Blandford Comptoir takes pride in curating an extensive selection of exceptional wines to complement and enhance your dining experience. Our sommeliers are dedicated to guiding you through a world of unparalleled vintages, allowing you to discover the perfect accompaniment to your culinary exploration.

Join us at Blandford Comptoir, a restaurant near Marylebone, where the art of gastronomy intertwines with the allure of fine wines, and experience a culinary sojourn that transcends the ordinary, beckoning you to savour the extraordinary.





New Year’s Eve

Ring in the New Year in style at Blandford Comptoir, a renowned restaurant in Marylebone that promises an unforgettable evening of gourmet delights, festive ambiance, and unparalleled celebrations. As the clock counts down to midnight, Blandford Comptoir sets the stage for an indulgent New Year’s Eve experience that embodies the essence of fine dining and revelry in the heart of Marylebone.

Guests can expect to be treated to a gastronomic journey that showcases the culinary prowess of Blandford Comptoir’s talented chefs. The carefully curated New Year’s menu features a symphony of flavours, with each dish thoughtfully crafted to delight the senses and captivate the palate. From exquisitely plated starters to sumptuous main courses and decadent desserts, each bite is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to culinary excellence.

Whether you’re a local resident, or a visitor to London seeking a New Year’s Eve celebration to remember, Blandford Comptoir, a restaurant near Marylebone promises an evening of opulence, merriment, and delight, setting the stage for a joyous and auspicious start to the year ahead.




Discover Blandford Comptoir: A Restaurant and Wine Bar Just Minutes Away from Baker Street Station

Searching for a restaurant in the heart of London? Look no further than Blandford Comptoir, a charming restaurant located just an 8-minute walk away from Baker Street Station. Situated within walking distance of one of London’s busiest transportation hubs, Blandford Comptoir provides an ideal respite for locals and tourists alike. A mere 8-minute stroll from Baker Street Station offers easy access to this hospot.

After delighting your palate at Blandford Comptoir, take advantage of its convenient location near Baker Street Station to further explore the vibrant neighbourhood. Iconic attractions like Baker Street itself, the Sherlock Holmes museum, and Regent’s Park are within close proximity, making Blandford Comptoir an excellent starting point for a memorable day out in London.




Discover the Neighbourhood Gem: Blandford Comptoir in Marylebone

If you’re a self-proclaimed food lover searching for a remarkable dining experience in the heart of London, look no further than Blandford Comptoir. Immerse yourself in a memorable restaurant close to Marylebone. Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable date night, a celebratory meal, or simply a great dining experience, let Blandford Comptoir elevate your expectations with its culinary excellence and seamless blend of restaurant and wine bar.









Steak Frites Deal!

When it comes to finding an exceptional dining experience, Blandford Comptoir stands out among Marylebone restaurants. Located in the heart of this vibrant neighbourhood and known as both a wine bar and restaurant in Marylebone, Blandford Comptoir presents a mouthwatering lunch deal that is hard to resist. Satisfy your cravings and treat yourself to our Steak Frites Lunch Plat Du Jour, a delectable offering available daily from 12pm-2:30pm!

Christmas is coming….

As the holiday season approaches, there’s no better time to gather with loved ones and create lasting memories. If you’re looking to host an extraordinary Christmas event in a truly remarkable setting, Blandford Comptoir – a restaurant in Marylebone is the perfect destination. With its exquisite ambiance, impeccable service and exceptional culinary offerings, Blandford Comptoir promises to make your private Christmas event an unforgettable experience.

To secure your reservation and embark on an intimate Christmas celebration for up to 25 people at Blandford Comptoir, simply contact –

We will gladly assist you with all inquiries, provide further information about the space, and help plan a memorable experience tailored to your preferences and the size of your group.



Taste the Flavourful Journey: Exploring the Restaurant Scene on Marylebone High Street

Marylebone High Street, nestled in the heart of London, is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, charming boutiques, and picturesque architecture. However, it wouldn’t do justice to this bustling locale without mentioning its thriving restaurant scene.

Situated just one minute away from the enchanting street of Marylebone High Street, lies a true hidden treasure among the city’s culinary landscape  – Blandford Comptoir. This charming restaurant just off Marylebone High Street is a haven for food and wine enthusiasts, offering a delightful fusion of flavours and a warm, inviting atmosphere. Join us as we embark on a culinary exploration of Blandford Comptoir and its unique place in the vibrant tapestry of Marylebone.

The Story Behind Blandford Comptoir:

Blandford Comptoir is the brainchild of Xavier Rousset, a revered Master Sommelier with an unwavering passion for fine food and exceptional wines.

Rousset brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to Blandford Comptoir, bestowing it with a distinct charm and a dedication to showing lesser-known wines from around the world.

The restaurant presents an effortlessly elegant setting, combining contemporary design with subtle Mediterranean influences, creating an ambiance that is both refined and welcoming.

Remember, each visit to Blandford Comptoir is an opportunity to be whisked away on a gastronomic journey. So, stroll down Marylebone High Street and savour the unforgettable flavours waiting to be discovered. Bon appétit!



Restaurant Near Marylebone Station

Nestled in the vibrant neighbourhood of Marylebone, where elegant architecture and chic streets merge, Blandford Comptoir presents a remarkable dining experience that seamlessly marries refined culinary offerings with an extensive wine list. As a sought-after Marylebone restaurant and wine bar, Blandford Comptoir sets the stage for an unforgettable evening filled with delectable flavours, curated wines, and an ambiance that exudes sophistication.

Marylebone Station is a popular underground station in London. Marylebone underground station has great links across London. Whether you are commuting through the station on the way to work, visiting the surrounding tourist sites, shopping in the area or just fancy a tasty bite to eat – we are here for you.

With many hungry people passing through the station each day, a lot of people find themselves looking for the best place to eat near Marylebone Station – and we believe that is us. From Ribeye steak to Sea Bream , our menu has a feast for anyone to tuck into for lunch or dinner. And, if you don’t fancy any food but like the sound of a glass of wine – you are more than welcome at our wine bar.